Evolution Pro 2

The European Champion. The only infant car seat with an omni lie-flat function inside and outside the car.

Max. 30˝
4 - 22 lbs

The Evolution Pro 2 is the only infant car seat on the market with a lie-flat function inside and outside the car and thus offers maximum safety and convenience.

With this omni lie-flat function, it defines the new category of infant car seats and sets a new global safety benchmark.

With the generous size and flatter lying position as well as the individualized adaptation to the size of the baby it is a convenient alternative to the carrycot for buggies.





EU version



Perfect Travel System

In combination with the Kiddy strollers the infant car seats form a perfect Travel System and are a convenient alternative to the carrycot through their lie-flat function.

Perfect for any size

The Evolution Pro 2 can be adjusted to the individual size of the baby through the newborn inlay, crotch cushion and the 5-point harness system.



Large sun canopy

The large sun canopy is fully adjustable and protects the baby from sunlight and wind.




Soft padded textile covers

The soft padded seat covers are especially comfortable for the baby. They can be removed quickly and easily and washed at 30°C.


Simple and safe installation

Simple installation of Evolution Pro 2 infant car seat in combination with the Kiddy infant car seat base. Can also be installed using a European Belt Path.

Worldwide unique lie-flat function

The Evolution Pro 2 is the only infant car seat with a lie-flat function inside and outside the car. The tested and patented technology by Kiddy was specially developed for the needs of newborns and premature infants.

Since their neck muscles are not fully developed yet, the head can easily tip to the front while sleeping, which can lead to breathing problems and potentially to lower oxygen saturation. This can be prevented by a flatter lying angle.

The Evolution Pro 2 is the only infant car seat that offers this lie-flat function in the car as well. By turning the handle, the slatted frame within the infant car seat is moved into a flat lying position. The slatted frame also absorbs the energy in the event of an accident or uneven roads and protects the sensitive spine of the baby. Add the breathability due to this design and you have superior baby comfort.

Used as a Travel System the Evolution Pro 2 can be adjusted to the lie-flat position. 

Pediatricians and midwives recommend the lieflat position especially for longer journeys as this ergonomic position is better for the child’s developing spine.

Funktionsweise der KLF-Lie-Flat Technologie der Babyschale*Please note that the Evolution Pro 2 requires at least 31.1" of space when in the reclined position. Please check the front passenger legroom before installing the Evolution Pro 2 in the lie-flat position.




Colors & Designs


The 2017 Collection not only appears in modern colors but is also distinguished by silver applications. The new softly padded fabrics in the seat and the head area offer additional comfort. Another highlight is the pattern: the dots represent a Morse code that conveys a special message: "Kiddy – we love our kids." Unique and unmistakable!

    Lime Green

    Steel Grey

  Nougat Brown

    Ocean Petrol

    Royal Purple

      Ruby Red

      Night Blue

    Onyx Black


Colors of images may differ from the original.


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