Kiddy Children’s Car Seats’ Comfort Features

Kiddy car seats make children and adults happy. Every aspect of each design from the shape, the fabric, the fitting and accessories combine to make travelling by car as enjoyable and safe as possible.
The ease of placing your child in and out of the seat and the quick adjustment and lightweight design, let parents and grandparents relax with their children regardless of whose car they use.




Breathable Thermotex Fabric

Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in sticky, sweaty clothes on hot summer days. We have introduced our Breathable Thermotex material to specific areas of our seats to increase circulation. This material ensures a comfortable seating environment.

Lightweight Construction

The lightweight construction of the Kiddy car seats is a crucial safety feature, because in the event of an impact the emerging mass is significantly less than a heavy seat. The Kiddy seat can also be transferred with little fuss from one car to another.

Easy Handling

To install a Kiddy seat is child’s play. The easy installation significantly reduces the risk of incorrect assembly and so serious consequences are avoided in the event of an accident. When grandparents or caregiver collect the child at short notice, the seat can be safely and quickly moved and fitted in their other car.

  Ergonomic child safety car seats

On long car trips not only adults can suffer from lower back pain at some point children’s backs also suffer. Many of the commercially available seats are uncomfortable and static.