We love our kids

At Kiddy we meet every challenge and so do our car seats! Exceptional safety standards combined with modern styling easily meet the challenge of providing a growing child with safety and comfort.

Infant Carrier

Kiddy evolution pro USA

The Kiddy Evolution Pro USA is the first infant carrier available on the US market with a special lie-flat function. Comfortable for the child to lie in a relaxed, wholesome position, also this infant carrier is the only one on the US market that can be used for children with heights of up to 37 inches. 

Children’s car seats

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro protects a 4 to 12 year old child with maximum safety standards in mind. This seat grows with your child and connects to any vehicle by use of seatbelt or equipped with LATCH.

Kiddy World Plus

Children grow and so does the Kiddy World Plus in one easy step. With high safety standards in mind, this child seat accompanies children as they age and provides them with protection and comfort up to a weight of 110lbs.